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 In the News: The Huffington Post ran a story on a study by STIET Co-PI, Professor Michael Wellman and STIET Fellow Elaine Wah that shows high-frequency stock trading is bad for profits, including those of high-frequency traders. Wellman also published an op-ed in TechCrunch about the work.

 40 Under 40! Former STIET fellow, Aniket Gune, has been named a Today Brand Innovators "40 Under 40" winner as one of the most innovative marketers under 40. Aniket is the Director of Social Media Acquisition at American Express, building end-to-end word-of-mouth social programs that drive card acquisition.

 Congrats! Former STIET fellow, Christopher Kiekintveld, has been awarded a CAREER grant for research on strategic decision making using computer gaming models.

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  • $7.5+ million overall IGERT funding from NSF, primarily for doctoral student funding
  • funding for UM-WSU joint weekly research seminar series from the UM Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) and the UM Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies (Rackham)
  • state-of-the-art high-definition life-size uncompressed video conferencing facilities linking UM and WSU seminar sites, connected to the dedicated research fiber optic ring provided by the UM Provost, and the VP Research, CIO and Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at WSU
  • funding from Rackham and the participating schools and colleges to split the shortfall in tuition and health insurance
  • Funding to support the S-SROP for undergraduates provided by the Mi-LSAMP, MAA, UM-SROP, and the WISE MSP.

For more information, see the Fellowship Page

Funding Part 2

  • funding from Rackham and the participating schools and colleges to split the shortfall in tuition and health insurance
  • Funding to support the STIET Summer Research Opportunity Program for undergraduates provided by the Michigan-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Michigan AGEP Alliance, UM Summer Research Opportunity Program, and the Women in Science and Engineering Marian Sarah Parker Scholars Program.
  • For more information, see the Fellowship Page


STIET Fellows' Poster Session
The STIET program brings together faculty and doctoral students from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University in research, training, and outreach, through an incentive-centered design (ICD) approach to modern information systems. System performance depends on the strategic behavior of autonomous, self-interested humans; therefore we draw on theories of rational decision making, game-theoretic models of strategic interaction, and economic, psychological and other social science theories of motivation to form a principled grounding for system design. We apply ICD methods to, for example, the design of user-contributed open-access content in social computing environments and to distributed allocation problems facing cyberinfrastructure development.

STIET has a comprehensive program that begins at doctoral matriculation, and provides activities and support until graduation. PhD trainees pursue a degree in their home department; our program provides curriculum, research training and a collaborative research community. STIET provides a strong multidisciplinary, cross-school community of scholars within and across UM and WSU through joint and collaborative activities. We offer an IGERT-funded fellowship program for the first two years of graduate study for U.S. citizens and permanent residents but all program activities are available to anyone interested. STIET provides a curriculum of two STIET core courses and three advanced STIET elective courses selected from an extensive list. One of the most successful elements of the STIET program is the weekly multidisciplinary research seminar and the twice-annual day-long workshops.

We also have a new summer research training program for undergraduates and masters students, called STIET-Summer Research Opportunity Program (S-SROP). S-SROP will serve double (synergistic) duty: fun and exciting team research projects for undergraduates, and a training practicum for our PhD students. S-SROP offers summer stipends and housing for undergraduates who receive--in the context of team projects--research training, mentoring and encouragement to pursue graduate studies, together with a program of workshops to help them prepare for graduate school applications and studies. Our summer activities and funding are offered in conjunction with partner organizations, SI Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): Incentive-Centered Design for Cyberinfrastructure, the Michigan-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (Mi-LSAMP), Michigan AGEP Alliance (MAA), UM Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), and the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Marian Sarah Parker Scholars Program (MSP).